wish we were floyd loves pink floyd and thinks you should, too.


That's why we work hard to bring you authentic versions of the songs you know and love, and put on a show that's worthy of the music.  We sweat the details, because we know it matters to the hardcore fans.

We got our start at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  An auspicious beginning, to be sure.  The director of Red Rocks asked a few Denver musicians he knew to put together a show worthy of Pink Floyd for the annual Film on the Rocks concert series.  The film we would be playing for?  Pink Floyd – The Wall, of course.

Since our debut at Red Rocks, we've continued to expand our repertoire of material.  If you're familiar with the hit songs still in heavy rotation today, you'll get your share at one of our shows.  If you're listening for deep cuts, we'll have something special for you, too.  Our shows often reach all the way back to Syd Barrett era Floyd.  We cover all ground, from Arnold Layne to The Endless River.


The Players

It takes a big band (and support team) to put on a proper Pink Floyd tribute show.
Here are the people that make it happen.

Tim Kaminski - Vocals

Dave Wruck - Keys, Vocals, Video Production

Kurt Moorehead - Keys, Sax

Stu Miller - Guitars, Vocals

Jake Goldman - Guitars, Vocals

Jay Ruybal - Drums

John Jeffers - Bass, Vocals

Heath Volmer - Lighting Design